This is an illustration of "Cats' Journey to Chosun Dynamics" that I published. Chapter 5 of this book is about the religion of Joseon people.
Chapter 5. The Joseon Dynasty of Faith.
- page 6- 
Pray to Buddha.
2018. Digital painting
The mother's love and concern for her children is the same as in the past and modern times.
Even during the Joseon Dynasty, mothers went up the mountain and prayed in front of the stone Buddha statue, hoping that their children would pass an important exam and the health of one's family.
They put their hands together and prayed earnestly to the Buddha.
This book is called "Cats' Journey to Chosun Dynasty" which I published.
It is an historical illustration book that shows the Chosun Dynasty with cute cats as the main characters.
The main characters in this book are actually real stray cats living in my neighborhood.
After published, I had two exhibitions named "The Nyang" with illustrations of this book.

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