2021. Digital painting
Original Size: 85 x 67 cm    

detail cut
The cat in this painting wore a traditional Korean costume, Hanbok.
Hanbok is Korean traditional dress.
This is a hanbok called "Dang'ui"
Dang'ui (Korean pronunciation: [tɐŋɰi]) is a type of upper garment for women in hanbok, Korean traditional clothing, 
which was worn for ceremonial occasions during the Joseon Dynasty. 
It was worn as a simple official outfit or for small national ceremonies while court ladies wore it as a daily garment.
The cat in this painting wore hanbok worn by the queen.
I wanted to draw my neighborhood stray cat friend in the most precious way.
So I drew it in queen costume.

In this artwork, I tried to show combining digital art and nacre shell art(Korean traditional style). I combined Korean traditional  folk paintings with mother-of-pearl crafts. Each element in the folk painting has its own meaning. Peony means wealth and life. Chrysanthemum, butterfly, and cat mean longevity. 
Besides longevity, butterflies also mean marital love, happiness, joy, hope, and resurrection.

Picture Model: My neighborhood stray cat "Seol"

The model of this illustration is an existing stray cat living in my neighborhood.

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