Chapter 3. Food from the Joseon Dynasty.

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Hwajeon nori, It literally means "flower pancake play".

2018. Digital painting

There is a public holiday called Samjitnal in Korea.
Samjit Day is March 3rd of the lunar calendar.
This day is a holiday to announce spring.
On this day, women are freed from housework, make flower pancakes, alcoholic drink eat and dance and have a good time.
This act is called 'Hwajeonnori'.
Hwajeon nori, It literally means "flower pancake play".

This book is called "Cats' Journey to Chosun Dynasty" which I published.
It is an historical illustration book that shows the Chosun Dynasty with cute cats as the main characters.
The main characters in this book are actually real stray cats living in my neighborhood.
After published, I had two exhibitions named "The Nyang" with illustrations of this book.

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