Chapter 5. The Joseon Dynasty of Faith.

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Mountain god

2018. Digital painting

In Korea, it was believed that there was a god in the mountain.
Mountains are a place that mediates heaven and humans and were recognized as places where mountain gods exist.
So it became a place and object of faith.
The worship of the mountain god also influenced Buddhism.
The scenery of Sansingak in Buddhist temples can only be seen in Korea.
In the temple, there is a picture of a mountain god controlling a scary tiger casually.
It is called 'Sanshindo'.
People prayed for the well-being of themselves and their families to such a spiritual mountain

This book is called "Cats' Journey to Chosun Dynasty" which I published.
It is an historical illustration book that shows the Chosun Dynasty with cute cats as the main characters.
The main characters in this book are actually real stray cats living in my neighborhood.
After published, I had two exhibitions named "The Nyang" with illustrations of this book.

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